Shee Labs :: Master of the Pixel

What is Shee Labs?

Founded on the 16th March 2002, Shee Labs is a group of independent teams that all work under one united banner to produce free media for the masses. Shee Labs specialises in working from deep within the Computer Game industry, and are currently producing high quality game modifications or full, playable games.

Mission Statement
Shee Labs seeks to produce high quality entertainment software, specifically targeting the gaming audience. We strive to release only the best, error free games to the public and to continually develop as a mature team of capable specialists.

Why Create?
Shee Labs seeks only to create games, and our staff enjoy doing so and working within the mature development environment that we provide on exciting new projects. Every Shee Labs staff member is tied in with the most important aspect in mind; passion for games development.

Join Us?
We offer exciting opportunities at Shee Labs for those seeking to work within the mod or games industry, with a skilled and mature development team and broad range of expertise in a variety of specialisations.

The Ambershee
Project Lead / Coding
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