Epic Generals

Epic Generals brings Command and Conquer Generals to an entirely new level, command not the pathetic armies of old, command the vast battalions made up of many thousands of infantry and hundreds of armoured vehicles at your disposal!

Epic Generals is, on a very basic level, Command & Conquer Generals - just more ... epic!
If you enjoyed Epic Generals, then watch out for the future Epic Generals: Zero Hour and Epic Generals: Tournament Edition!

The basic concept behind the mod is to produce something both a little more large scale as well as something more challenging to the normal gamer, the result having the General commanding Infantry Squads instead of normal infantry, and Tank Divisions instead of normal tanks. The fun doesn't stop there either, either faction is capable of delivering punishing special weapons into the heart of the enemy, crushing them at the most critical moment, paving the way for tanks to roll their steel tracks over the ruins of their base and for infantry to eliminate any survivors...

The Ambershee
Project Lead / Coding
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